Our cross-disciplinary research is focused on developing low cost technologies/approaches for cure, towards closing the cancer divide. This includes the following:

  • Clinical translation of  tiny drones to target cancer, designed to boost local and metastatic tumor cell kill with minimal collateral damage or side effects. The Award-winning drone technology is adaptable to delivering different drug payloads precisely to disease sites or targets with minimal systemic distribution and associated toxicities
  • Use of Advanced Information and Communication Technologies for global radiation oncology and cancer prevention. Our leading-edge work in this area is helping shape the emerging field of global radiation oncology and has lead to many collaborations in global oncology research, education and care involving USA and African Institutions (see published books)
  • Catalyzing co-mentored research involving faculty from the USA and African LMIC institutions
  • Phytomedicines research and quality assurance with over 6 million dollars in funding commitments