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“Congratulations on the BRIght Futures Prize award!”
Betsy Nabel, BWH President

“I lost my mother to lung cancer. I will forever share the dream (#TiDTaC #EliminateCancer). Thank God… I am a Registered Nurse and would love to help extend access to Haiti, where my family is from. Thank you”  Jacqueline

“I am a young graduate from the university of Buea holding a BSc in management who is passionate about preserving lives of people. i wish to join the tidtac team in Cameroon and volunteer for the eradication of cancer” Daryl Palma

“Superbe projet des emboles médicamenteux par petits “drones” pour les CA inopérables ! On a voté.  On a pensé aux deux écoliers, et espérons qu’ils sont contents de leur sort…” Sissi + JP