Harvard IPI

International Phytomedicines Institute (IPI)

The International Phytomedicines Institute (IPI) @ Harvard Medical School is a transformative initiative by the Global Health Catalyst designed to elevate phytomedicines in global health. The IPI builds on the International Materials Institute model of the National Science Foundation. This is expected to substantially increase access to evidence-based medicinal products from plants for global health and economic development with significant contribution from Low and Middle Income Countries to global health

Mission: Dedicated to  Research and Education focused on developing Evidence-based phytomedicines for global health and economic development. The IPI aims to leverage the best science, technology and education from Harvard and partner institutions to convert potential high impact medicinal plants to evidence-based  pharmaceutical grade products for global health and economic development. Seed funding for this Global Health Catalyst initiative was provided by the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The initiative not includes funding commitments and sponsored research agreements with a growing number of industry partners for over 10 million dollars.

The IPI was launched during the 2019 Global Health Catalyst summit at Harvard Medical School. Learn more here